Notice to Community from CPF

The crime statistics have risen drastically, with most of the housebreakings occurring during the daytime.

The economy is not at its best, and with children at home and people on holidays, we need to start getting involved in our safety.

Residents need to realise, that the time of sleeping peacefully in your bed, or sitting in front of your TV, while you expect committed residents, members of the Community Police Forum, to be your personal, free security guard, is over.

It is time that you start doing your part, in the interest of your own safety, and that of your family.

We do not expect that much of you. Many people are working shifts, and there are many retired citizens and housewives. We also have children at home, teenagers, walking the streets during the day, and domestic workers that are sitting on the pavements in the afternoon.

The time has come that all members of the community become aware of their environment. You cannot expect the minimal amount of police members to stand guard at your house, or the few dedicated CPF members patrolling to only concentrate on your house.

Criminals are watching your house before they decide which premises to invade. Please, those of you that can patrol during the daytime, join the CPF. Drive around with your magnetic stickers on your vehicle and your green lights, which serves as prevention.

Criminals don’t go where they think they may encounter a problem. Many housewives are doing it because all you have to do is observe and report.

Never ever are you to confront anybody. Ask your children and domestic workers to be more observant about what is happening around your house. Be on the lookout for people simply just hanging around your area.

They are watching everybody’s movements. Report it! Be on the lookout for vehicles driving around aimlessly, almost circling, your street. Check on number plates. Anything suspicious, report to members that will be more than willing to go and assist.

Always lock your car doors, and never ever leave anything visible in your vehicle. These are attracting criminals. Laptops and cellphones left in vehicles, are open invitations and seen as being left on purpose. Please, ensure the safety of yourself and your property.

Join the CPF today. There are already more than one thousand active members all around town. Let us double it in our effort to eradicate our town of crime. Please call the chairperson on 082 415 8029 or send a message, with your details, and somebody from your area will contact you.

Let us strive to be safe this holiday, and keep our town free of crime.

Tobie van den Bergh

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