Bulgarians arrested for fraud

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According to information, police received a tip off that an Absa ATM in the Mall had been equipped with a skimming device.

Police investigated the matter and found a high tech device fitted to one of the machines.

A stakeout helped them to identify a suspicious male at the ATM’s. When he left, a quick inspection of the machine confirmed their suspicions because the skimming device was missing.

The man was followed to a white Toyota Etios with Gauteng number plates where he, together with another suspect, were confronted and searched.

It is alleged that two camera moulds as well as a card reader were found in the possession of both men.

George Genev (50) and Stander Plamin (37) were charged with fraud and appeared in the Middelburg Magistrates Court.

They have been remanded in custody until their formal bail application on 23 March.

Information from a trusted source has it that the men are also connected to similar cases in Nelspruit.


Jana Boshoff

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