R6 000 fines for nuisance offences


The following offences will be punished by a fine or imprisonment not exceeding six months:

• A person may not hang any item of clothing, household linen or laundry over any boundary wall or fence or out of any window or from any balcony or part of a building so as be visible from a street or public place.

• A person, may not leave any animal belonging to him or her unattended in any public place or permit such animal to obstruct the traffic in any street or create a nuisance or danger in any public place.

• A person may not empty any vessel or throw any matter, liquid or solid or any lighted cigar, cigarette or match, or empty any pipe from any window of any premises abutting on any street or from any veranda or balcony erected over any public place.

• A person may not place or deposit any waste in any public place not intended for such purpose, unless such wastes is placed in approved receptacles or facilities intended for such purpose.

• A person may not wash his /her vehicle on a public road which include sidewalks and parking areas.

• A person may not keep or deposit or allow on any premise owned or occupied by him or him or her or which he or she is in charge, any matter or thing solid or liquid, which is or likely to, become offensive or dangerous or injurious to public health.

• A person may not cause or permit any foul or polluted water or any foul liquid or matter to run or flow from the premises occupied by him or her,

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