Water Wednesday: Weekly dam levels and Cape Town drought continues

The City of Cape Town has informed all water users that they can adjust the water-isolating valves (stopcocks) on their properties to reduce the flow rate and save water. Water consumption remains dangerously high and the City must use all means available to get down to 500 million litres of collective usage per day.

Dam storage levels were at 31,1%, on 14 August with useable water at approximately 21,1%. While this is an improvement from the same time last month collective consumption for the past week was 610 million litres per day. This is 110 million litres above the target of 500 million litres per day. Residents are requested to please adjust their stopcocks to reduce the flow of water to their property. Furthermore, all residents are encouraged to hold each other accountable when it comes to water wastage and to report contraventions of the water restrictions.

The City’s Executive Mayor, Patricia de Lille is set to announce the City’s Water Resilience Plan on 17 August 2017. This plan is aimed at increasing water conservation through restrictions, campaigns to encourage behavioural change, pressure management and restriction of supply to excessive users.

Pressure adjustments on bulk supply lines have helped to reduce consumption over recent months, and it is hoped that significant further reductions could be achieved if residents also reduce flow through the private-side water isolating valve (stopcocks).

The National Department of Water and Sanitation held a Sanitation dialogue this week to discuss sanitation challenges faced by women on national discourse as Women’s Month continues.

Here is your weekly dam update:

The Vaal River System consisting of 14 dams serving mainly Gauteng Sasol and Eskom is at 88%.

The Cape Town Dams System consisting of six dams serving mainly City of Cape Town are sitting at 30% this week.

For a more in depth rainfall update, visit WeatherSA or click here. For more information on the water storage levels across the country, visit the DWS site. For a comprehensive drought status report from the Department of Water and Sanitation, click here.


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