Supervisor murdered

Dumisani Eric Mkhwanazi (41) handed himself over to the police on Tuesday.

According to information gathered by police, co-workers reported that Mishack Soko and Dumisani Eric Mkhwanazi butt heads from the get go. Both worked as supervisors for Bidvest TMS Industrial Services, a contractor at the Hendrina Power Station.

On Friday, 1 September, both men travelled home by bus after knocking off work at 19:00. But instead of getting off at his usual drop-off point near his home, Mkhwanazi stayed on the bus and got off where Soko lives, almost at the end of the route.

Shortly after they alighted from the bus, Mkhwanazi allegedly started to stab Soko with a sharp object. Soko tried to flee for his life, running past his own house and calling for help at another residence. He kept on running and calling for help until he finally collapsed on a soccer field close to the residential area.

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Body found one week after accident

Police discovered Soko on the soccer field upon their arrival. He was declared dead at the scene. The suspect, Mkhwanazi, handed himself over to police in Hendrina on Tuesday. He has already appeared in court and the matter was remanded until a later date.

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