What does the yolk of an egg tell you about the chicken?

Eggs are one of the most nutrient dense foods, but which of these is the healthiest?

Egg yolks can tell you a lot about the health of the chicken that laid the egg. The amount of sunlight and space the chicken has to move freely, determines its condition. Most egg-laying chickens never see sunlight. They spend their lives in small, crowded cages.

Yolk Number 1

If the egg yolk is very dark, it means that the chicken that has laid the egg is probably able to walk around outside freely and is well fed. The dark, almost orange, colour of the yolk indicates that both the chicken and the egg are healthy. These eggs also taste better.

Chickens raised on small, sustainable farm operations are more likely to be omnivorous rather than vegetarian. Their diets would include bugs, grubs and worms.


Yolk Number 2

Chances are that the hen that laid this egg, has been living in a cage and has not been able to roam freely outside in the open air.

Caged chickens are typically fed a vegetarian diet made up of grains, with corn incorporated to give the yolks a brighter yellow hue. But not even corn can come close to providing the same colour that a natural free-range, pastured diet can.

Yolk Number 3

Hens are fed yellow-orange carotenoids, or natural yellow pigments like marigold flowers, that affect the colour of the yolk. Artificial colour additives are not allowed to be added to chicken feed, but naturally pigmented substances are sometimes added to enhance the colour of the yolk.

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