We investigate ‘so called’ abortion clinics

Posters of illegal abortions on Dr Beyers Naude Street.

Posters promising women “safe same-day abortions” is their call to the vulnerable. After making an appointment, our reporter, disguised as a pregnant woman, was picked up by the ‘doctor’ outside the Old Mutual building in Walter Sisulu Street.

The “doctor” and two other men operate from a tiny two-room office. The reception area had a sleeping couch and desk with a laptop. The office isn’t sterile and an atmosphere of death is prevalent.

A man doubling as the receptionist and a consultant awaits you. Behind him a rack is stacked with bottles of muti said to cure medical conditions such as asthma, high blood pressure and even cancer.

Abortion posters

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Once inside a consultation room, the “doctor” asks how far along the pregnancy is and whether the R550 consultation fee can be paid upfront.

Once the fee is paid, the doctor hands out four pills, two to be put underneath the tongue and the others to swallow.

The “doctor” hands out an additional two pills “to clean the stomach after the delivery”.

According to the “doctor” contractions will start after two hours of taking the pills. In the majority of cases, the fetus is born alive. The clinic does not take responsibility for discarding the aborted fetus. Second and third-trimester abortions are also done.

Frances Davies and Reverend Kokkie Smit standing outside Madison Square at the St John’s Presbyterian Church on Bhimy Damane Street. The Precious Life Baby Saver Project decided to name the safe house after baby Madison, who was found in a refuse bin last year in Joubert Street.

www.mobserver.co.za comments:

Filthy, sleazy, illegal.

There’s no other way of describing the abortion pamphlets pasted all over town once again.

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Where are the authorities while the unscrupulous fortune seekers attack out town’s vulnerable women and girls?

And this while the community came together to establish the first Baby Safe where unwanted babies can be afforded the chance of life!

Don’t be fooled. There’s a lot of blood money in abortions.

Posters of fake doctors claiming to heal all sorts of illnesses and problems.

These quacks are not qualified doctors or nurses, they peddle potions and creams to solve amongst other things “bringing back stolen things, bewitched people, bringing back lost lovers, unsettled marriages, insanity/madness, swollen body diarrhoea and cancer”.

They make so much money that they can print coloured pamphlets in their thousands and employ idiots to paste them on every static thing in town.

How can anyone trust Dr Mama Rania when the woman can’t even articulate a sentence properly?

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Oh and the testimonials! Devashnee Moodily says:
“Thank you for making my husband a man again in bed we enjoying all the way. I am now six months pregnant with twins we just bought two taxis for business, (sic)”.

These charlatans got their feet in the door thanks to property owners leasing out their properties for profit in a crime-ridden CBD.

Do property owners really not care where their money comes from?

Do property owners really expect to attract businesses back to the CBD by flooding the town with Dr Mama Ranias and Dr Mama Hopes?

If so, we, the town of Middelburg, want you gone alongside them.

It’s time for the municipality to not only get the quacks out but to also fine unscrupulous property owners who allow such illegalities in their buildings and homes.

Do something! And do it now!

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Tiisetso Malunga and Gerhard Rheeder

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